1. Can you make an adjustment to a piece (for example, change the color, change the horizontal / vertical orientation)?
I wish I had the bandwidth to do custom tweaks! Unfortunately, though, I can't take on requests for customization except in cases where there's a significant budget for customization.

2. Do you offer framing?
Unfortunately, I don't. I love love love my printing partner, but their framing choices aren't well suited to the style of my work. Their frames also cost a lot and look a little cheap, imho. I suggest getting a frame with a really thin profile; it goes better with the sometimes delicate line weights in my pieces—and thick black frames tend to overwhelm them. But all of my pieces come in standard frame sizes widely available in North America.

3. Do you offer a lower price to the trade, or discounts for ordering several?
Not at this time. My prices are really competitive in general, and I hope they fall within your budget.

4. When will my print come?
My printer moves pretty fast. In my experience, they kick out a print within four days of your order, and then it gets shipped right away. I'd say, a couple of weeks is a typical wait time (give or take depending on where you live) from when you complete your purchase.

5. Gahhhh I need to cancel my order!
Eeeek, I'm really sorry. Right now it's just me, and I've got my hands full, so I can't catch orders before the printer starts their work. Please choose your piece carefully.

6. My print never came / arrived damaged!
Ughhh, sorry! That's super rare, but things happen once in a blue moon. In that case, I will absolutely replace it with the same item.

7. Can I get a refund or exchange?
Since it's custom printed to your order, all sales are final.

8. Do you ship internationally?
Yes! I can ship almost everywhere, but not to: 
Crimea, Luhansk, and Donetsk regions in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, The Gaza Strip region in Palestine, Ecuador, Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea 

7. Are your prints limited edition?
They're open edition. But stay tuned; I may offer some one-of-a-kind drawings and / or limited edition prints soon.

8. Are your prints signed?
No, but they have a cool, pretty little ET monogram on them. I think you'll dig it.

9. Do you do custom work?
It depends. I don't have the bandwidth to do a custom piece for an individual (a portrait of your dog, for instance, even though that would be a blast and I'm sure Bowser is the goodest boy ever). But if you're a company with a significant budget for custom art and / or illustration, let's talk.

10. I bought one of your prints, so I can use it as a graphic to advertise my business or product, right? 
Absolutely not. Licensing fees are a whole different thing. Be cool, okay?