Vintage Binoculars


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I created this colorful art print of antique binoculars with an eye toward vintage adventure travel. It makes me think of old-fashioned explorers and bird watchers tromping through the forest. I see binoculars as a symbol of searching and curiosity, and I wonder about all the ways those ideas might apply to your life.

I combine traditional and contemporary line drawing techniques into an altogether new style. That mashup renders striking, iconic prints that can flex into your décor scheme—whether your style is grandmillennial, Scandinavian, farmhouse, coastal, new traditional, mid-century, or modern.

Your print can stand alone on your wall as a bold statement piece, coordinate with other art prints from my collections, or complete your wonderfully mismatched gallery wall. 

It's museum-quality giclée printed on thick, archival, acid-free paper with a matte finish—made to last a lifetime in your home without fading or yellowing.

**Frames and mats are not included.** 

A word about cropping:
Depending on the size of the print you order, some cropping may occur. The imagery itself will never be cropped, just some of the background in certain sizes. For instance, a print size with a 2:3 ratio (such as 24"x36") has more background than a size with a "chunkier" 4:5 ratio (such as 16"x20").

Choosing the best size for your space:
The scaling shown in lifestyle photos is approximate. I strongly suggest that you measure your space before you order. Check out my scaling guide in the product pictures of this post to give you an idea. All of my prints come in common ready-made frame sizes.

How it's packed:
Each print comes rolled in a triangular tube. It's easy to get it to lay flat when it arrives by following this tutorial.