Minimalist Gallery Wall | How to Hang Art So it Looks Intentional

Minimalist Gallery Wall | How to Hang Art So it Looks Intentional

You're ready to pull the trigger on several prints in various sizes from Elise Thomason Print Studio to make a gallery wall, but how will you arrange them?

1. Check out my Framing Guide, and start thinking about what kind of frames suit your decor style.

2. Gather some materials:
 - A roll of paper, such as brown craft paper (available at hardware stores), butcher paper, newspaper, or even gift wrap
- Blue painter's tape or gentle masking tape
- A ruler
- A pencil
- And if you're short like me, a step ladder.

3. Make a first guess. Think about how many prints you want, look carefully at the sizes I offer, and then research frames in those sizes. Once you decide all that, get the outer dimensions for each frame, and cut out pieces of paper in those sizes. Keep in mind whether the print is horizontal or vertical. Tape them carefully to your wall.

4. You'll find that some arrangements are more harmonious than others, but ultimately it's up to you. It's a nice idea to vary the sizes (unless you're doing a same-size set, which looks great).

Maybe you like for your gallery wall to look spontaneous and tossed-off, or maybe you prefer that it looks precise and considered (this is my personal preference). Once you get the paper samples where you like them, you can use them as a guide for where to put the nails in your wall.

Happy decorating!

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