Butterfly Art


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I'm going to tip my hand: this butterfly art is one of my very favorite pieces on this entire site. The deep blue color of the background seems to make the colors of the butterfly all the more vivid. I love imagining it bringing a smile to your face, and I'd love to see a photo of it on your wall if you'd ever care to share it with me.

When I created this butterfly art, I was thinking about how extravagantly, gratuitously beautiful butterflies are. In the endless forms of animate life on Earth, butterflies surely top the heap when it comes to grace and style. I find a butterfly to be such a powerful symbol of transformation. I'm inspired by their journey, even their apparent patience at becoming their true selves.

This piece, and all the other colorful posters on my site, uses very rich, vivid inks that are far superior to what's available at common retail photo-printing places. That's why I don't offer digital downloads of my work—I want the end product to look great in your home.

This art print is museum-quality giclée printed on thick, archival, acid-free paper with a matte finish—made to last a lifetime in your home.

**Frames and mats are not included.** 

Choosing the best size and shape for your space:
The scaling shown in lifestyle photos is approximate. I strongly suggest that you measure your space before you order. Check out my scaling and cropping guides below. All of my prints come in common ready-made frame sizes.

How it's packed:
Each print comes rolled in a tube (except for smaller ones, which come in a stiff envelope). It's easy to get it to lay flat when it arrives by following the tutorial on my blog.

Return Policy:
Each piece is printed to order, and as such all sales are final. If your print is damaged in shipping, I'll gladly replace it with the same item.

Butterfly Art rolled for shipping

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